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NEN E-Safety audit tool

Above: The Main Page of the NEN E-Safety Audit Tool

UPDATE: The E-Safety audit tool has been updated. The tool now has the ability to save your results for later review.

After completing the tool for the first time you will have the option of saving your results. Upon your next visit to the tool your previous answers will be displayed (along with the relevant advice) and you will be able to modify those answers. This will hopefully aid in tracking your progress within E-Safety. 


The Internet is a wonderful resource providing information and learning activities. It has a darker side, of information not appropriate to learners. Schools should be aware of the potential dangers, taking measures to ensure safe usage by all.

All schools have a responsibility to ensure that all pupils and staff access the Internet safely and responsibly. Failure to do this could result in disciplinary or legal action being taken against individuals, headteachers and governing bodies.

Schools' culture and philosophy should determine the approach to online communications. Some schools have specific values and beliefs which should be reflected in their overall ICT policy use.

Every school needs an E-Safety committee. This should include senior school managers, governors, teachers, parents and pupils. The committee will set the standards and policy for the school’s acceptable use of ICT.

All organisations need an Acceptable Use Policy. This sets out the rules and regulations for users. It identifies acceptable use and contains clearly understood sanctions for any breach. Schools need to ensure that all staff and pupils understand the school’s policy. It is recommended that all staff and pupils sign a contract to show that they have understood the policy and agree to its rules.

Members of the SMT should be responsible for overseeing general security, administration and compliance with the agreed Acceptable Use Policy. Schools should monitor Internet use by staff and pupils, policing the usage of their policy and imposing sanctions for misuse.

To check the E-Safety status of your school and to get advice and support on this important issue please take NEN's E-Safety challenge by logging in and responding to the questions.


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E-Safety audit tool