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NEN publication: 'Building a Broadband Entitlement'


It is important that we harness the power of technology to make learning experiences exciting, safe and personalised. In this paper we describe the concept of 'Broadband Entitlement', a wide range of services available to every learner. From a definition of the learner’s broadband entitlement, the strategic direction and scale of NEN's network can be refined and centred on the individual child.

The main focus of this paper is the institutional and related local, regional and national infrastructure strategy required to deliver this entitlement. Clearly broadband services must also enable access from wherever learning happens, including in the home.

It will be seen that many agencies need to work together including schools, central government and the devolved administrations, NEN, NAACE, JANET (UK), Ofcom, Ofsted, the commercial sector and in particular the Regional Broadband Consortia and Local Authorities.


Download the document here