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    Contains 301 Articles spanning from 28th March 2008 to 12th February 2014

    12th Feb 14 TNMOC wins BETT Award NEN
    15th Oct 13 Expert Insight into the machines that helped shape our digital futures LGFL
    8th Oct 13 Audio Network - 10,000 new audio tracks added NEN
    8th Oct 13 Michael Morpurgo joins LGfL’s Reading Zone Live NEN
    3rd Oct 13 New NEN Guidance Note: Protecting your school domain name NEN
    3rd Oct 13 New NEN Information Sheet: Selecting broadband connectivity for your school NEN
    27th Aug 13 NEN Conference 2013 NEN
    15th Aug 13 Cyber Security Challenge UK NEN
    13th Aug 13 The Computing at School (CAS) Working Group SWGFL
    31st Jul 13 LGfL successfully complete the first Public Services Network transitions LGFL
    18th Jul 13 New LGfL virtual App for mobiles is released LGFL
    17th Jul 13 London MLE update LGFL
    15th Jul 13 LGfL launches new HD Video Upload service LGFL
    10th Jul 13 Earn your Adobe Education Trainer Credential SWGFL
    2nd Jul 13 Sports Relief 2014 NEN
    26th Jun 13 Surface in Education Limited Time Offer SWGFL
    21st Jun 13 Schools Code-Breaking Competition SWGFL
    19th Jun 13 Supporting Schools to Access Appropriate Digital Resources SWGFL
    12th Jun 13 Safe Search Update SWGFL
    3rd Jun 13 It’s Competition Time! SWGFL
    31st May 13 Cyber Security Awareness Week 2013 SWGFL
    20th May 13 Online Compass also shortlisted for the 15th annual ISPA Awards 2013 SWGFL
    16th May 13 Anne Cassidy joins LGfL\"s ReadingZone Live SWGFL
    15th May 13 Online Compass Shortlisted for Nominet Award 2013 SWGFL
    13th May 13 Code Club SWGFL
    3rd May 13 New Maths Resource With A Difference SWGFL
    30th Apr 13 NEN Guidance Note: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) NEN
    19th Apr 13 Winner of the AutoCollage Competition with West Town Farm SWGFL
    18th Apr 13 Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart join LGfL ReadingZone Live SWGFL
    18th Apr 13 LGfL’s ReadingZone Live receives major upgrade SWGFL
    9th Apr 13 Teachers Urged To Switch On To Major National Online Broadcast Study SWGFL
    28th Mar 13 Breaking the Barrier 2013 SWGFL
    21st Mar 13 Media Studies Students Create Campaigns for SWGfL SWGFL
    7th Mar 13 SWGfL Services SWGFL
    4th Mar 13 New NEN Guidance Note: e-security NEN
    4th Mar 13 Ofsted publish revised criteria for subject survey inspections SWGFL
    26th Feb 13 SWGfL CPD Brochure SWGFL
    18th Feb 13 Make IT Happy 2013 - Make IT Safe! SWGFL
    8th Feb 13 SafetyNet+ SWGFL
    7th Feb 13 Teach Your Monster SWGFL
    6th Feb 13 New NEN Information Sheet: Differentiated Filtering NEN
    4th Feb 13 The Ben Metcalfe Award for Progress in Technology 2012 Winner SWGFL
    21st Jan 13 Are you considering using products and services that are hosted in the cloud? SWGFL
    16th Jan 13 The Prodigals Online SWGFL
    15th Jan 13 10,000 new audio files added to NEN Audio Network SWGFL
    11th Jan 13 Dream a Big Dream SWGFL
    8th Jan 13 Education Services from Parliament SWGFL
    7th Jan 13 Transparent Filtering Module SWGFL
    30th Nov 12 Sally Gardner joins Reading Zone Live on LGfL SWGFL
    23rd Nov 12 The Holocaust Explained – Key Stage 4 Edition SWGFL
    15th Nov 12 Welcome to the world of twinkl! SWGFL
    9th Nov 12 Anthony Horowitz joins ReadingZone Live SWGFL
    9th Nov 12 Holocaust Education through the Ben Uri Art Collection SWGFL
    8th Nov 12 New NEN Guidance Notes published NEN
    24th Oct 12 IWF Awareness Day SWGFL
    16th Oct 12 Get more for less with a SWGfL bandwidth upgrade SWGFL
    9th Oct 12 The Ben Metcalfe Award for Progress in Technology SWGFL
    9th Oct 12 Thinking Of Using Mobile Tech In School? SWGFL
    5th Oct 12 ReadingZone Live SWGFL
    4th Oct 12 New NEN Information Sheet: FTTC services for schools NEN
    1st Oct 12 BYOD - What do you Think? E2BN
    1st Oct 12 Bloodhound SSC To Test - Fire Hybrid Rocket SWGFL
    1st Oct 12 B.Y.O.D - Bring Your Own Device SWGFL
    21st Sep 12 Take a look at our autumn newsletter SWGFL
    19th Sep 12 Will you RiskIT this October? SWGFL
    13th Sep 12 Opening up Architecture SWGFL
    6th Sep 12 Understand Maths In A Real World Context SWGFL
    5th Sep 12 A Curriculum for 21st Century Learners SWGFL
    3rd Aug 12 Ofsted and E-Safety: A Renewed Focus SWGFL
    24th Jul 12 Helpline Supporting Professionals Suffering Online Abuse Sees 400% Increase In Calls SWGFL
    12th Jul 12 LSCB E-Safety self review tool SWGFL
    9th Jul 12 Building Online Resilience Through Digital Literacy SWGFL
    25th Jun 12 International Strategy Launched by the Internet Watch Foundation SWGFL
    25th Jun 12 E-Safety recognised in Ofsted’s school inspections from September SWGFL
    25th Jun 12 Impact of the new Education Act on E-Safety - How these changes affect you and your school SWGFL
    22nd Jun 12 SWGfL Merlin Latest SWGFL
    20th Jun 12 Wireless Technology SWGFL
    15th Jun 12 SWGfL launch UK wide Schools Software Purchasing Portal SWGFL
    15th Jun 12 Anti-Bullying Week November 2012 SWGFL
    12th Jun 12 Great value Fire, Health and Safety management tools, training and equipment SWGFL
    29th May 12 HM Government copyright proposed changes NEN
    18th May 12 Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist SWGFL
    10th May 12 The Romans in London SWGFL
    10th May 12 Everyone Matters SWGFL
    4th May 12 Online Compass SWGFL
    4th Apr 12 ATL 2012 Conference SWGFL
    22nd Mar 12 DfE publish broadband advice SWGFL
    15th Mar 12 DfE publish broadband advice NEN
    15th Mar 12 EN(ni) - The new Education Network for Northern Ireland's Schools NEN
    8th Mar 12 Success for two SWGfL Project Team employees SWGFL
    2nd Mar 12 The Education Act 2011 - Part 2 Discipline SWGFL
    28th Feb 12 Hue Animation Web Cams - Special Offer SWGFL
    22nd Feb 12 Greetings from Mrs Baranowski’s Technology Class SWGFL
    7th Feb 12 Online Compass revolutionises Internet Safety for children’s organisations SWGFL
    27th Jan 12 Freedom Charity - Saving Lives SWGFL
    26th Jan 12 New research concludes that many schools still lack a basic capability to manage childrens data SWGFL
    18th Jan 12 Copyright website for schools NEN
    13th Jan 12 Copy Rights and Wrongs SWGFL
    13th Dec 11 Transparent Safety Services SWGFL
    9th Dec 11 New research into internet addiction shows clear symptoms and effects SWGFL
    9th Dec 11 UK Safer Internet Centre LSCB E-Safety stock take SWGFL
    8th Dec 11 A Parents Guide to Technology SWGFL
    7th Dec 11 Learning the copyright lessons NEN
    28th Nov 11 Saltash Y9’s Online Safety E-Book SWGFL
    21st Nov 11 IKeepCurrent NewsFeed SWGFL
    14th Nov 11 360 wins another award! SWGFL
    31st Oct 11 Sophos Safeguard Enterprise - Encryption Software SWGFL
    28th Oct 11 E-Safety - the new qualification shaping the future of E-Safety teaching in schools E2BN
    28th Oct 11 Scott and Shackleton polar expedition photography on NEN Northern Grid
    28th Oct 11 Photography competition E2BN
    11th Oct 11 New online Science resource from BP SWGFL
    10th Oct 11 New Ofsted evaluation schedule; New powers for schools and teachers – Free Update Briefings SWGFL
    4th Oct 11 SWGfL Merlin at the heart of pupil collaboration SWGFL
    29th Sep 11 Why being part of NEN is a no brainer! - A personal view from Owen Napier, Education Specialist, BT E2BN
    28th Sep 11 SWGfL to address the IGF at the United Nations SWGFL
    27th Sep 11 Art skills for teachers launched Northern Grid
    26th Sep 11 NEN Conference 2011 - Presentations NEN
    26th Sep 11 Arts skills for Teachers launched SWGFL
    15th Sep 11 A new dress up day for a marvellous children\"s charity. SWGFL
    30th Aug 11 Changes to Facebook Privacy Settings 2011 SWGFL
    9th Aug 11 NEN National Theatre resources from Peter Halls’ production of Twelfth Night NEN
    5th Aug 11 The Online Abuse of Professionals SWGFL
    29th Jul 11 Nominet Internet Award winner SWGFL
    18th Jul 11 Sessions from National Archives available for Sept/Oct 2011 CLEO
    15th Jul 11 East Lancashire Goes Global is a huge success! CLEO
    8th Jul 11 SWGfL wins the Internet Safety and Security award at the ISPA Awards 2011 SWGFL
    4th Jul 11 E2BN's Myths and Legends in Top Award E2BN
    4th Jul 11 Produce inspired art work with the new NEN ‘Art in the Open resources’ from the Ben Uri Gallery LGFL
    4th Jul 11 New NEN resources from the Royal Collection feature Dutch Landscapes Exhibition artwork LGFL
    20th Jun 11 Back to basics-saving YOU money SWGFL
    20th Jun 11 EPICT Online safety qualification SWGFL
    2nd Jun 11 Make the Link – Climate ex Change SWGFL
    17th May 11 SWGFL
    17th May 11 SIF Excellence Awards 2011 SWGFL
    12th May 11 Victorian Children in the Mines videoconference sessions CLEO
    10th May 11 Museum of London session available CLEO
    9th May 11 Childnet eSafety Film Challenge is Back! Northern Grid
    6th May 11 NEN Internet Safety Report NEN
    6th May 11 East Lancashire Goes Global CLEO
    3rd May 11 Then & Now - 1911-2011 census SEGFL
    12th Apr 11 AUDIO NETWORK SCHOOLS LICENCE: 31st March 2011 E2BN
    7th Apr 11 English Heritage Teachers' Free Weekend NEN
    25th Mar 11 School uses Technology to Enrich the Curriculum and Save Money and Time NEN
    23rd Mar 11 Ofsted launches consultation on changes to school inspection in England NEN
    10th Mar 11 UK Safer Internet Centre - Professionals Online Safety Helpline SWGFL
    8th Mar 11 Avon and Somerset Constabulary Latest News SWGFL
    15th Feb 11 Minds Under Stress - National Theatre Hamlet resources launch now available on NEN LGFL
    9th Feb 11 SWGfL Collects Two Regional Apprentice Awards SWGFL
    21st Jan 11 ‘The Holocaust Explained’ Launched LGFL
    18th Jan 11 Professional Abuse Survey SWGFL
    14th Jan 11 FILMCLUB: The After School Activity Sweeping The Nation SWGFL
    13th Jan 11 We\"ve won a BETT Award for 360 degree safe SWGFL
    10th Dec 10 Future of the Every Child Matters (ECM) website NEN
    3rd Dec 10 SWGfL joins forces with iKeepSafe to launch Generation Safe SWGFL
    30th Nov 10 NEN Videoconferencing helps school beat the snowy weather CLEO
    29th Nov 10 New Digital Parenting magazine from Vodafone SWGFL
    23rd Nov 10 SWGfL or DIY? SWGFL
    22nd Nov 10 New Digital Parenting magazine from Vodafone Northern Grid
    16th Nov 10 Student Voice - Speaking Allowed Northern Grid
    11th Nov 10 Learning Platform Network Northern Grid
    11th Nov 10 The Big March Northern Grid
    8th Nov 10 Beatbullying SWGFL
    25th Oct 10 Top tips for Anti-Bullying Week SWGFL
    19th Oct 10 SEGfL Launches New Arrivals Tool SEGFL
    18th Oct 10 7000 Pupils create the Big Face CLEO
    18th Oct 10 RBCs Sweep the Honours at ICT Excellence Awards 2010 E2BN
    15th Oct 10 EMBC Autumn Newsletter EMBC
    4th Oct 10 School Broadband Requirements Northern Grid
    29th Sep 10 FILMCLUB SWGFL
    25th Sep 10 Making the most of LGfL LGFL
    14th Sep 10 Largest ever report on E-Safety in schools reveals staff need to be better trained. SWGFL
    14th Sep 10 Safer internet searching and the best KS2 learning resources. SWGFL
    1st Sep 10 NEN e-Safeguarding Audit Tool now online! NEN
    13th Aug 10 The PGCE Survival guide- The Essential guide to your teacher training. Northern Grid
    10th Aug 10 Museums and archives support pupils’ literacy NEN
    10th Aug 10 Who is the best teacher in the world? NEN
    27th Jul 10 ICT Conference attendees raise money for IT in African Schools SWGFL
    22nd Jul 10 Does your School Use Joomla? SWGFL
    14th Jul 10 National Award recognises Northern Grid for Learning's best practice in getting people online Northern Grid
    8th Jul 10 Exemplar Letter for Schools to Send to The Education Secretary of State Northern Grid
    5th Jul 10 Reflections on the 2010 E2BN Annual Conference Northern Grid
    2nd Jul 10 Bringing Night and Day to the Classroom EMBC
    2nd Jul 10 Northern Grid learners' antidote for ICT worries Northern Grid
    2nd Jul 10 SMART Technologies Prize Draw Northern Grid
    29th Jun 10 Ask a puffin expert online SEGFL
    28th Jun 10 Play at Camp Bestival this Summer with BRIT Class Act! NEN
    7th Jun 10 Make the best use of your Learning Platform Northern Grid
    28th May 10 Gonville Primary on Teachers TV LGFL
    28th May 10 Wandsworth's Finance Report LGFL
    28th May 10 MLE Implementation LGFL
    28th May 10 London MLE Good Practice LGFL
    26th May 10 The University of Plymouth certifies the 360 degree safe Self Review Tool SWGFL
    25th May 10 Great Plant Hunt SEGFL
    25th May 10 BirdBox Live Events SEGFL
    19th May 10 Herschel finds a hole in space Northern Grid
    23rd Apr 10 St George's Day Northern Grid
    22nd Apr 10 Churchill Wars Rooms Trials New School Videoconference Session - Operation Fortitude Northern Grid
    20th Apr 10 Just how aware are children and adults of E-Safety issues? SWGFL
    16th Apr 10 Free Know IT All resources: please tell us what you think SWGFL
    15th Apr 10 How does the NEN support learners, teachers and parents across the UK? Northern Grid
    15th Apr 10 An ugly word with attractive prospects for schools ICT – ‘interoperability’ SWGFL
    9th Apr 10 Inspirational Maths Live – Videoconferences Northern Grid
    25th Mar 10 British Pathe Schools Licence SWGFL
    23rd Mar 10 Report into parents' involvement in school work at home Northern Grid
    22nd Mar 10 Becta ICT Excellence Awards deadline extended Northern Grid
    22nd Mar 10 Information Literacy Northern Grid
    22nd Mar 10 Film education on the NEN NEN
    22nd Mar 10 BRIT Class Act has Launched NEN
    19th Mar 10 SWGfL are now training providers for FITS SWGFL
    19th Mar 10 First World War Poetry Digital Archive Northern Grid
    16th Mar 10 The National School Quiz is now over! NEN
    11th Mar 10 Diwali CLEO
    11th Mar 10 Making the News 2 E2BN
    9th Mar 10 Education as one of the biggest global growth industries for Britain in the 21st century? Northern Grid
    8th Mar 10 The NEN at the Education Show 2010 NEN
    5th Mar 10 National Digital Resources Bank wins e-government award NWLG
    4th Mar 10 SWGfL successful in bid to be UK Safer Internet Centre from 2011 SWGFL
    22nd Feb 10 Sport Relief 2010 NEN
    9th Feb 10 Safer Internet Day 2010 - Content Matrix Northern Grid
    9th Feb 10 Safer Internet Day 2010 - SWGfl Resources Northern Grid
    9th Feb 10 Safer Internet Day 2010 - E-Safely Northern Grid
    8th Feb 10 The University of Plymouth certifies the 360 degree safe Self Review Tool SWGFL
    28th Jan 10 National Digital Resources Bank wins e-government award Northern Grid
    26th Jan 10 NEN Reporters at BETT10 Northern Grid
    16th Jan 10 National Education Network praised by the Schools Minister NEN
    13th Jan 10 Legal Statement Regarding Sparklebox SWGFL
    11th Jan 10 Free publicity for your school SWGFL
    7th Jan 10 What is the point of Regional broadband consortia? SWGFL
    8th Dec 09 The ‘Green Cross Code’ for internet safety SWGFL
    3rd Dec 09 Chinese New Year – Video Conference LGFL
    3rd Dec 09 Schools Videoconferencing User Group Conference Northern Grid
    25th Nov 09 SWGfL / University of Plymouth Sexting Research SWGFL
    12th Nov 09 Offered Nationally - Taught Globally E2BN
    12th Nov 09 E2BN is Shortlisted for Two Awards at BETT 2010 Northern Grid
    12th Nov 09 Perform a Poem launched at National Theatre LGFL
    6th Nov 09 Last call for E-Safety Live conference bookings! SWGFL
    23rd Oct 09 Digital literacy resource now available on the NEN NWLG
    22nd Oct 09 Live Reporter competition winners announced! Northern Grid
    19th Oct 09 Handheld Learning Festival Conference 2009 - NG Report Northern Grid
    15th Oct 09 We’ve made a film – What do we do next? SWGFL
    12th Oct 09 Carbon Footprint - Home of Carbon Management Northern Grid
    9th Oct 09 UK Launch of the ‘Hadrian Project’ Internet Safety for Parents Northern Grid
    9th Oct 09 Northern Grid School Beats International Competition! Northern Grid
    17th Sep 09 New Northern Grid Website! Northern Grid
    9th Sep 09 Where can you find copyright free material to use in class? SWGFL
    24th Aug 09 Forecasting for the future - Outlook sunny, with a good chance of videoconferencing! Northern Grid
    20th Aug 09 New Content Provider for CLEO Video Conferencing Project CLEO
    27th Jul 09 Northern Grid Conference and Awards 09 Northern Grid
    27th Jul 09 embc enables Shibboleth access to content EMBC
    27th Jul 09 E Security Policy Framework Surveys Northern Grid
    20th Jul 09 embc Summer Newsletter EMBC
    20th Jul 09 Eleven London Schools Win Funding for Projects from Durrant`s Den LGFL
    3rd Jul 09 LGfL Launches Low Carbon London Project LGFL
    29th Jun 09 E2BN Conference Fantastic Success E2BN
    29th Jun 09 National Poetry Day – Video Conference and Competition (Oct 8th 2009) LGFL
    29th Jun 09 Teachers TV - Education in Scandinavia Northern Grid
    15th Jun 09 The Northern Grid's 10th Annual Conference - Sharing Success Northern Grid
    15th Jun 09 Celebr8 E2BN@Ten - annual conference E2BN
    15th Jun 09 SWGfL ICT Conference SWGFL
    5th Jun 09 YHGfL Appoint Full Time eSafety Manager YHGFL
    5th Jun 09 YHGfL tackling Cyberbullying YHGFL
    1st Jun 09 Salthill Quarry SSSI joins CLEO VC Project CLEO
    11th May 09 Inviting all KS1 classes by JVCS - Stories with a Twist LGFL
    20th Apr 09 YHGfL Hosts Parental Engagement Conference YHGFL
    30th Mar 09 London and Paris sign agreement on biggest city links project LGFL
    23rd Mar 09 London Grid for Learning launched Rigolo LGFL
    23rd Mar 09 embc Case Study on the implementation of Shibboleth EMBC
    16th Mar 09 Minister Announces National Digital Resource Bank NWLG
    16th Mar 09 NEN Exhibiting at The Education Show UK Wide
    6th Mar 09 Northern Grid for Learning Consultation on Three Year Strategy 2009 - 2012 Questionnaire Northern Grid
    6th Mar 09 ICT Excellence Awards 2009 SWGFL
    6th Mar 09 SWGfL marks Safer Internet Day 2009 by launching the e safety Self Review Framework SWGFL
    6th Mar 09 Leading Philosopher gives exclusive interview CLEO
    6th Mar 09 O2 and Childnet Publish Internet Safety Book SWGFL
    27th Feb 09 The National Digital Resource Bank – One Step Closer UK Wide
    23rd Feb 09 Spring Day for Europe UK Wide
    13th Feb 09 Ballet Boyz go live on LGfL LGFL
    4th Feb 09 E-Safety games NWLG
    23rd Jan 09 NEN Consultation Questionnaire Winners! UK Wide
    12th Jan 09 The Ballet Boyz / LGfL Contemporary Dance Project launch LGFL
    12th Jan 09 Northern Grid Resource of the Month - Romans on the Tyne Northern Grid
    9th Jan 09 JANET Demonstrate Live Videoconference Content at the BETT Show 2009 UK Wide
    8th Jan 09 Unlocking Archives - Online Tools SEGFL
    8th Jan 09 Film Education SEGFL
    19th Dec 08 Myths and Legends Shortlisted for BETT Award E2BN
    1st Dec 08 NEN Project wins BAFTA CLEO
    20th Nov 08 Award Nomination for NEN project CLEO
    22nd Oct 08 Computers and Home Access for All E2BN
    10th Oct 08 London - Beijing LGFL
    24th Sep 08 Latest LMLE Case Study Videos LGFL
    1st Aug 08 Over a million learners signed up to JISC Collections for Schools! E2BN
    7th Jul 08 Behaviour Matters Week NEN
    26th Jun 08 Northern Grid Awards Winners Northern Grid
    27th May 08 One click from Capture - BBC Panorama discovers the filming of one SWGfL E-Safety film SWGFL
    22nd May 08 Focus on Film Sweeps Top International Award SEGFL
    30th Apr 08 Resources for Physical Educators NEN
    2nd Apr 08 JISC Collections for Schools Pilot E2BN
    28th Mar 08 The National Digital Resource Bank E2BN
    28th Mar 08 Share your stories of learner voice initiatives E2BN
    28th Mar 08 ElectroShock science resource released E2BN
    28th Mar 08 Byron Review Report now published E2BN