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UK Launch of the ‘Hadrian Project’ Internet Safety for Parents

Above: The Hadrian Project

Internet safety for families is a growing concern for parents and education professionals alike.  Cases of Cyberbullying and Internet Grooming are affecting families across the U.K. and causing deep-seated public concern.

The Hadrian Project based at the School of Computing Sciences at Newcastle University together with Microsoft and the Northern Grid for Learning have developed an accredited training course for, children, teachers, social workers and parents to raise awareness about the virtues of the Internet and the dangers of unsupervised use.  

At the same time parents will be able to learn how to apply family safety settings, security tips and advice on how to promote greater Internet safety.  The training will be offered to all schools, City Learning Centres, companies and organisations across the U.K. from the 19th October 2009. 
Regional training providers now exist throughout the U.K. and are in the process of being ready for delivery following the launch of the programme.