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We’ve made a film – What do we do next?

Above: We’ve made a film – What do we do next?

More and more teachers and learners are using their natural creativity to experiment with making films in school. How can we extend and develop this work? Playing the films back through the whiteboard projector can help the children reflect on the activity/the filming/their learning. Sharing these films more widely could be a way of extending their capacity to make films. How can we extend the audience?


Films for Learning is a fabulous platform for this sharing. Professor David Hargreaves says on the Films for Learning site: "Films for Learning are of value in the places where they are created, but may be used in any school, anywhere." We know personal learning networks can support the learner and there are other YouTube-type sites, but this has so much more. Pupils can comment on each other’s films and exchange ideas in the forum area. There are lots of teacher support materials and real high quality examples of films from learners.


Films for Learning is a project led and moderated by Mark Richardson and Peter Roe from the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester. The project is supported by Microsoft and it is entirely advert free. It scores highly for e-safety. Mark and Peter also very keen that students are taught the importance of copyright and they give support to those who have added copyrighted commercial music sound tracks. Sign up and join the community.This is a vital area that we in education need to address, and FfL is an excellent support.


It is so easy to get started. Sign up and join the community. Search and browse the excellent examples. I found watching the student's clip on how to upload very useful. Before you know it, you are away.


Films for Learning is a must for all teachers and learners developing all those fabulous curriculum ideas with film making. Professor Hargreaves goes on to say," It is through such school-led and student-led enterprise that 21st Century schooling will be transformed."


Keith Ansell
E- Learning Consultant (Primary)
South West Grid for Learning