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Offered Nationally - Taught Globally


In the good old days the teacher of the local school often used to live nearby – things are so different now! E2BN are staging a national event for next week’s Anti-Bullying Week called ’Stay Safe in Cyberspace’. Using their ‘e2bn.engagelive’ interactive website they will be engaging with 72 classes from 34 schools from 21 local authorities from across the length and breadth of England.(North – Stockton-on-Tees, South–Surrey , West – Isle of Man, East – Colchester!).


The on-line sessions will take place across the whole week with 4 or 5 classes working at the same time. On-line experts will guide the 9-12 year old students through a scenario about bullying on the internet. E-ngage Staff will be joined on-line by colleagues from the Australian Communications and Media Authorities’ ‘Cybersmart Detective programme’ in Sydney and E-ngage Directors David Casey and Ruth Harris will sign in from child safety conferences in Pittsburgh and Egypt. Dave Glover, managing the project, said “We are really pleased that E2BN has thrown the session open to the whole of the country and we are grateful to our Australian Colleagues for coming on- line to help answer children’s queries.” “We hope that children will enjoy the inclusive nature of working on the World Wide Web and by taking part in this event will realise the care they must take in using it.”


The scenario also includes other methods of communications such as mobile phones. All of the secure communications are recorded and downloadable for child protection and evaluation purposes. For the information of the ‘internet aware’ readers it is not a forum, children working in teams of three will discuss the issues themselves before sharing their views with the ‘virtual control room’. Each team receives individual replies to their queries. Any disclosures of bullying or potential problems with internet use that the children may be experiencing are ‘flagged’ by the on-line staff and sent back to the class teachers for further school action. Whilst it is too late to take part in these sessions, there are other activities available throughout the year. E2BN Engagelive activities are free to all eastern counties schools though and by subscription for all other schools.


Enqueries – Dave Glover 01487 824367