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How does the NEN support learners, teachers and parents across the UK?


How does the NEN support learners, teachers and parents across the UK?






On March 22nd 2010 the Mel Philipson, chair of the NEN Managers Group, spoke to MPs at Westminster about the work of the NEN.  Her speech covers the history of the NEN and the benefits it brings.


“In 2002, the Government pledged to deliver a broadband connection to every school by 2006.   The English Regional Broadband Consortia (RBCs) and the UK wide National Education Network community achieved this. We have not only met the Government challenge of 2002 but in many cases delivered this ahead of schedule, within budget and over minimum specifications.  I’m pleased to say that we’re one of the few public sector IT projects since 1990 to have had that level of success.  Our effectiveness, improvements and transformation of broadband delivery have established the NEN as a world leader…”

“The NEN community provides high quality online teaching and learning resources, free at the point of delivery.  We provide important links to powerful regional and national archives and cultural collections.  These materials support parents in engaging with their children’s learning. Our partnerships with museums, libraries, galleries and archives provide important routes for learners, their parents and teachers.  We bring art, history and culture into homes and classrooms.”


The full speech can be accessed from this link.