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Churchill Wars Rooms Trials New School Videoconference Session - Operation Fortitude

The Learning team at the Churchill War Rooms would like to invite Schools to trial a new, highly interactive workshop via Videoconference. This session focuses on the role of the Cabinet War Rooms in Operation Fortitude, part of the D Day deception campaign. Students will work in teams to plan and execute tasks contributing to the smooth running of the D Day landings by creating diversions, spreading false intelligence and broadcasting misleading media reports.


If you think your class is up to the challenge, and you would be willing to help the Churchill War Rooms trial this brand new session, please get in touch with Beatrice Oakley, Learning and Access Officer, 020 7766 0132, . Operation Fortitude is suitable for students in Key Stage Three and above and lasts approximately 90 minutes.


Participating schools will be provided with materials for a 45 minute preparation lesson, are requested to allow at least 15 minutes follow up time. This session will be available to trial from 4th May, dates and times are flexible.


Due to the length and involved nature of this content trial VC we will require all participants be registered and tested with the JANET Videoconference Service (JVCS), and, for the trial, would prefer schools to have some prior experience of videoconferencing.


View this page for more information