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Exemplar Letter for Schools to Send to The Education Secretary of State



As Headteacher /Chair of Governors for xxxxxxxxxxxx school in xxxxxxxxxxx Local Authority, I am writing to express my grave concern about the negative impact on pupils’ learning and achievement which will be caused by the sudden and unexpected decision to twice “cut” the Harnessing Technology Grant by 50% within the current year.


The Harnessing Technology Grant is essential in enabling teachers and pupils to improve the quality of education and to raise standards of attainment.  As a careful and prudent Governing Body, we have made careful spending plans to use the Harnessing Technology fund during this year.  We now face contractual issues as we will not be able to meet our ongoing and planned developments in ICT.


These will result in a direct and negative impact on front line education services as our essential ICT systems will be unable to be maintained and improved.


Access to reliable and cost effective broadband connectivity and services is crucial to the smooth and effective running of our school.  We use our Harnessing Technology Grant to pay for developments to our broadband connectivity.  We feel that we receive a very good value for money broadband connection from our Local Authority and xxxxxxxxx (RBC) but we are concerned how this will be sustained if the Harnessing Technology Grant is drastically reduced as you have announced.


Lessons which use ICT will be severely curtailed if we are unable to use our Harnessing Technology Grant as planned.  Pupils’ learning will be badly affected by this decision.


As Headteacher/Chair of Governors, it would be reassuring to know that the Government understands the vital role which ICT and broadband plays in supporting the high quality and effectiveness of education.  As our school is in your constituency, I am writing to ask for your support in this matter and would urge you to take this up with the Secretary of State.


I understand the need to curtail finances but would ask you to support our campaign to reinstate the grant in full and to ensure that ICT is recognised as an essential and mission critical tool to improve education provision and learning.


Yours sincerely