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Learning Platform Network

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The Learning Platform Network is an ambitious initiative to connect and support schools in their use of learning platforms.

Schools improve when they effectively use their learning platform to support leadership, innovative and appropriate teaching and learning, assessment, data management and communication with all members of the learning community.

The Becta Learning Platform Model was developed by a national group who represent schools, LAs and RBCs and the members are Sally Elding – Cambridgeshire Senior Adviser for ICT (Primary), Stephen Schwartz – Croydon ICT Strategy Manager Department for Children, Young People and Learners, Ian Usher – Buckinghamshire eLearning Co-ordinator, School Improvement Service, Alex Rees – Redbridge School Improvement Adviser, Dennis Wyatt – Dudley DGFL Portal Project Manager, Robin Sutton – Peterborough Senior Adviser 21st Century Development Manager, Alexander Findlay – Stockport VLE Development Consultant, Simon Finch – Northern Grid for learning e-learning officer and Dave Whyley – Wolverhampton Headteacher Consultant Learning Technologies,