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NEN Videoconferencing helps school beat the snowy weather

Above: Meet Ave in her Anderson shelter

The snowy weather was not going to stop staff and pupils from Deanfield School in Calderdale. When their field trip was cancelled and all the pupils dressed up ready for a World War 2 'Evacuation,' the school phoned staff at Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning. The staff were able to call on partners from the National Education Network and arrange a videoconferencing session with the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven, Cumbria. The Beacon Museum is part of the CLEO Videoconferencing Project and provide curriculum sessions for pupils in schools connected to the National Education Network.

Pupils commented..

‘I really enjoyed the live show because we could see all the different gas masks’.


‘It was brilliant to meet someone that had really been in the war’.


‘I liked all the items that you showed to our class that were from the war’.

On behalf of all our Y4 pupils I would like to say thank you for putting together an interesting and informative video conference on World War II Home Front at such late notice! As you know our class were dressed up as evacuees and were looking forward to an educational visit to Eden Camp, however; due to the bad weather their coach trip had to be cancelled! The video conference that you put together for us helped ‘save the day’!

Thank you
Mrs. A. Hulme
ICT Technical Manager