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Minds Under Stress - National Theatre Hamlet resources launch now available on NEN

Above: National Theatre Hamlet Resource

The NEN is proud to announce the launch of the brand new 2011 National Theatre production Hamlet teacher resources. LGfL has worked in partnership with the National Theatre to bring these outstanding collection of teacher resources featuring high quality video and interactive whiteboard resources and teacher guidance material.

The resource explores the theme ‘Minds Under Stress’ focusing on five key moments in the play:

1) Act 1 scene 2 – Hamlet’s soliloquy ‘O that this too solid flesh would melt’
2) Act 2 scene 2 – Hamlet’s soliloquy ‘O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!’
3) Act 3 scene 1 – Hamlet’s soliloquy ‘To be, or not to be – that is the question;’
4) Act 3 scene 1 – Ophelia’s speech ‘O, what a noble mind is here o’erthrown!’
5) Act 4 scene 5 – Ophelia’s mad scene.

The resource is aimed at A-Level students in the UK. It has been constructed to offer a platform for discussion and language analysis for teachers and students exploring Hamlet.

The resource supports a range of teaching styles and approaches including:

•    Watch the performances of the speeches and consider the text in performance.
•    Discuss the choices that the actors and director have made and the affect it has on the audience.
•    Listen to the comments from the actors and directors to add depth to your class’s understanding of the variety of ways Hamlet can be interpreted.
•    Use the discussion questions and statements to help students gain a deeper and focused understanding of Hamlet’s soliloquys and Ophelia’s speeches and key scene.

The resource is available to all NEN connected schools and via LGfL USO log in when accessing ‘off grid’ for London schools connected to LGfL.

Further information about the Resource

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