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Above: Audio Networks Logo

The Audio Network music service for schools has just been updated bringing twice the music, more on-line tools and a schools licence for you to use the music in the classroom and with the school community.

Brought to you by the National Education Network and London Grid for Learning it is free-for-users in schools who are part of the National Education Network.
Logon now at

More tracks ... 30,000 plus to choose from  ... and more every year to keep things fresh ... thats 3,000 more every year!
More types of music ... everything from grime to classical; from traditional folk to electronica; from musical sound effects to national anthems of the world.

More ways to search for what you want:
     search by multiple descriptive keywords ...
     search by title, composer, type of music ...
     search by tempo ...
     search by length of track ...
     search by using the online beatcounter ...

More ways to access the music online; through the school network; through Single Sign On; through the schools' Learning Platform.
More broadband. Whichever access route you take you'll receive the service over your regional network, the National Education Network and JANET.
More mixes: most tracks now have four or more versions of the music with different lengths or different instrumentation; take your pick!
More formats to download: easy to use MP3 is now joined by WAV files  versions for advanced use and users.
More ways, if you have Single Sign On, for you to manage your work with 'My Projects'.
More support: more pages of explanation and information to assist you.
More experience of how creative professionals in film, media and the arts work.
More case studies. Short videos of how three schools are suing Audo Network music.
And still the same:
     superb quality or recordings and composition.
     schools licence allowing re-use of the files for education activities
     no cost to the school user

About the project
The Audio Network Schools Licence is an innovative partnership between industry and education bringing UK schools a vast catalogue of originally composed recorded music for use across the curriculum and for all ages.

Audio Network and the National Education Network (NEN) have worked together since 2003 bringing quality recorded music for digital production and performance in schools throughout the UK. The vexed question of music copyright is made clear for schools to use in the digital age and pupils and teachers are able to use the same materials as professional film makers and broadcasters.

All the music in the vast catalogue of tracks has been specially composed by Audio Networks partner composers and performed by top musicians and recorded to exacting industry standards for media production. The music catalogue now spans music of  many different styles, cultures and types and instrumentation - just browsing through is an education in itself!

The new website, designed by Audio Network's partners Activepixels, is hosted on the latest resilient servers by London Grid for Learning and their partners Atomwide. Secure access for schools is provided by connections between London Grid and JANET - the UK education network - which links to the RBC and LA in England and the education networks of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Phase one of the updated Audio Network service provides secure access throughout the UK by IP address authentication. Phase two, which has begun in London, will provide access through Single Sign On so teachers and pupils can access work at home and at locations away from school - education anywhere, anytime!