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Produce inspired art work with the new NEN ‘Art in the Open resources’ from the Ben Uri Gallery

Above: Ben Uri Gallery

NEN launches new art resources for KS1/2/3 featuring the Ben Uri Gallery images and resources

Working on behalf of the National Education Network, LGfL is delighted to launch an all new art resources developed in close partnership with the Ben Uri Gallery.
There are three resource websites that are mapped to the art curriculum:
•    Sense of Place
•    Movement
•    Relationships

Art Skills for Teachers
The fourth website features a range of art techniques in action in a school context to help inspire teachers and children to try out and achieve the creation of artwork beyond their own expectation. The resource is full of unusual and easily accessible techniques to make art a truly inclusive activity for all members of your school community.
The resources have been previously used in an off line format extensively in schools both in and outside of London – however the new online interface makes the resources easier to navigate, explore and demonstrate.

High resolution photographs
All the art works featured in the resources are from the Ben Uri Gallery and are available from the NEN Gallery as high resolution photographs. This allows teachers to be able to print and crop and images in high quality.

The resources were produced by the Learning team at the Ben Uri Gallery. The team is currently lead by Alix Smith  - who also teaches art part time at a London Primary school and is a practising visual artist.

Alix said, ‘It is Ben Uri’s mission to make ‘art for everyone’. We believe that the resource will enable teachers and pupils to access the visual arts with confidence and ease. The resource explores the Ben Uri collection of over 1000 rich and diverse works which are an inspirational starting point for a multitude of art projects , and simultaneously provides ideas and useful practical advice for the creation of pupils own art in the classroom. We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with members of the NEN community on the development of this project and are thrilled that so many schools are now able to access the resource as a result of the partnership.  We are looking forward to hearing about all of the fantastic art work that is created!

Bob Usher – LGfL Content Manager said’ We are delighted to be able to offer these inspiration materials to LGfL connected schools and hope that they have a significant impact on what teachers feel they can undertake with their children; we hope the children will be inspired to produce artwork that truly releases their inner creativity’.