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NEN Conference 2013

Challenges and opportunities for connected schools

The NEN conference this year is an opportunity for NEN members and partners to review progress on the NEN strategy since last year's conference, to hear about some of the latest developments in terms of policy and practice in education technology from national and international speakers, and to work together on addressing some key issues and challenges facing local authorities, Regional Broadband Consortia (RBCs) and educational internet service providers.

As the Department for Education highlighted in their recently published advice to schools on effective buying, "a reliable and secure broadband service is essential to teaching, learning and management within schools particularly as schools take full advantage of new cloud and web-based services", and the role of the NEN and its members and partners is key to this.  The document goes on to say that "schools should carefully consider any broadband services and connectivity offered by their local authority or their Regional Broadband Consortia (RBC). These services are highly tailored to address the needs of schools and are delivered using the private NEN backbone infrastructure service provided by Janet UK."

Attending this year's conference will give you the chance to participate in discussions and planning to ensure that RBC and local authority services continue to meet the needs of schools and academies in your region, and to address key issues facing service providers in terms of technical strategy, eSafeguarding, and in looking at and dealing with the latest curriculum changes, social media and teaching resources on cybersecurity. As well as meeting colleagues from other regions, you will also be able to meet a range of NEN partners who work closely with RBCs and local authorities across the UK.

The conference is being held at the Palace Hotel, Oxford Road, Manchester M60 7HA from 15th to 17th October 2013.

The agenda is available from the link below. For any last minute questions about the conference please contact Paul Shoesmith, NEN Professional Officer, at or 07815 617212.