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Byron Review Report now published

Above: Tanya Byron


The Byron Review urges government, industry and parents to work together to help make children safer in the digital world.


A comprehensive package of measures to help children and young people make the most of the internet and video games, while protecting them from harmful and inappropriate material was launched today with the publication of the eagerly anticipated Byron Review into Children and New Technology. 

In launching her independent Report today, Safer Children in a Digital World, Dr Tanya Byron set out an ambitious action plan for Government, industry and families to work together to support children's safety online and to reduce access to adult video games.

Much of the review considers video games and recommends clearer and more effective classification as well as improving the “digital safety of children”.  Regarding the Internet, the review recommends a UK body to oversee childrens safety on the internet and makes recommendations about significantly increasing parents understanding of how their children use online technologies and the associated risks.  Specific recommendations include the creation of a website for parents about the online safety of their children as well as high profile and significant public awareness campaigns. Speaking on GMTV this morning about the review, the Prime Minister said "It's really difficult for parents because we didn't grow up in the computer age, many of us. We've got to make it easier for parents and get the information to them in a more simple form”.  Further comment by Ed Balls to BBC News 24 indicated that the government was going to implement all of the recommendations in full. 

Dr Byron said:
"The internet and video games are now very much a part of growing up and offer unprecedented opportunities to learn, develop and have fun. However, with new opportunities come potential risks. My recommendations will help children and young people make the most of what all digital and interactive technologies can offer, while enabling them and their parents to navigate all these new media waters safely and with the knowledge that more is being done by government and the internet and video game industries to help and support them.  

Further information can be found on the Byron Review website now where you can download the full 'Safer Children in a Digital World' report as well as supporting reports and press releases.

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