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Behaviour Matters Week

Above: Behaviour week

Behaviour Matters Week

7 – 13 July


Disrespect among children and young people may always have been present, but is there a crisis in behaviour in our schools today? This week on Teachers TV we speak to behaviour experts.


Programme highlights include:


Don’t Make Me Angry – Series 2

Being an angry teenager can damage your health, ruin peace of mind, spoil your relationships, jeopardise your career - and even cost you your liberty. In this series, four teenagers work with Dr Rachel Andrew, a clinical psychologist, to identify and deal with their anger “triggers” and get on with their lives.


Teaching Respect and Manners - How Do They Do It in Japan?

Japanese children are well known for being well behaved and polite. What part does school play in encouraging good manners and respect for others?


Secondary Behaviour and Attendance - The Role of SEAL

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning are seen as crucial in developing effective behaviour and attendance.  In this programme the five touchstones of SEAL - self-awareness, empathy, managing feelings, motivation, and social skills - are explored to find out exactly what the social and emotional aspects of learning can actually achieve.



School Matters - I Am Bovvered

How can the complex learning needs of troubled girls be met? This film reveals the dedication of a teacher who opened her own school to do just that. The Serendipity Centre is a refuge for girls with emotional and behavioural issues.


Primary TA's - Anger Management

Anger Management: techniques for Teaching Assistants on helping pupils manage their anger, including recognising physical symptoms, establishing boundaries, and developing coping strategies.




Driving Mum Crazy – Seven Years After

In 2000 Driving Mum Crazy examined the lives of badly behaved children. Seven years After revisits two of the young people featured in the original series. What sort of adults have they become?




Changing Challenging Behaviour -

Teaching with Bayley -

School Matters: Challenging Behaviour -

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