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ICT Excellence Awards 2009

Entries are now being accepted for Becta's ICT Excellence Awards at

Becta's ICT Excellence Awards is an award scheme for UK schools (including Service Children's Education schools), which aims to identify and reward whole school excellence in ICT.
By recognising whole-school best practice these awards are closely aligned with Becta's self-review framework and the ICT Mark accreditation.

There are 4 categories open to schools to enter, but each school can only enter one awards category:
Best whole-school with sub-categories for 13 regions - the nine English regions, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Service Children's Education. This category is for those schools that are using ICT innovatively to transform practice across all their activities.

Beyond the classroom with sub-categories for primary (including early years) and secondary. This category covers how a school extends learning opportunities beyond the "standard" school experience, how it engages with parents and others and how it offers access to learning in the home and in other locations.

Leadership, management and collaboration with sub-categories for primary (including early years) and secondary. This category looks at how a school creates and implements a vision and strategy for ICT and how it supports other schools in their strategic use of ICT.

Learning experience with sub-categories for primary (including early years) and secondary. This category focuses on Learning, Teaching, Curriculum and Assessment aspects.
There is also the Support for schools category for organisations who support school improvement with ICT.

Schools and organisations that are shortlisted for an ICT Excellence Award will be visited by judges during late April, May, June, and July 2009.

In addition to the national publicity that these awards offer to winning schools and organisations, there are also cash prizes for winning schools! Winners and runners-up in all categories will be asked to share their excellent practice in various ways after the announcement of their award, at an awards ceremony in November 2009.

We hope you will be keen for your school or organisation to enter these awards, or will encourage others to do so!

If you have any queries, please contact the ICT Excellence Awards team on 024 7641 6994, or email