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YHGfL tackling Cyberbullying

YHGfL have been working alongside the Anti-Bullying Alliance to help raise awareness of cyberbullying amongst young people and staff who work with young people. 

Bilton Community Primary School in the East Riding won a class set of Flip Video Cameras for their entries into the Safer Internet Day competition last term where schools were asked to create a digital resource on the theme of cyberbullying. The entries were showcased at our regional Cyberbullying Conference on 6th May where around 100 delegates gathered in Wakefield to discuss the issues and ways forward. Schools and young people from the region shared how they were tackling cyberbullying from a wide variety of approaches. The peer mentoring work of young people in Wakefield and North Lincolnshire proved particularly inspiring. Many more cyberbullying-related activities and resources are planned over the coming months in anticipation of November’s Anti-Bullying Week.