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Teachers TV - Education in Scandinavia

Above: Teachers TV - Education in Scandinavia

A week of programmes looking at education in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

School Matters – The Swedish Model: A Lesson in School Choice  
Freedom for anyone to set up a school, get state funding to run it, and try and turn a profit as well. This simply put is the supply side model for education in Sweden, but could it work here? Michael Gove, the Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families thinks it could, with some slight adaptation. We travelled to Sweden to find out more about how their adoption of independent schools within the state school system has apparently encouraged parental choice and increased competition across the board, as well as exploring how Swedish style approaches are already been applied here in the Britain
Monday 29 June, 4pm (F) and 8.30pm, Tuesday 30 June, 10pm, Thursday 2 July, 9.30pm, Saturday 4 July, 4pm (F) and 10.30pm, Sunday 5 July, 7.30pm

Outdoor Kindergarten – Back to Nature 
A decade ago, ‘outdoor’ kindergartens were almost unknown in Norway, but today make up around 10% of all kindergartens. Concerned that modern childhood has become overprotected and regimented, more and more Norwegian parents are sending their children to preschools that spend most of their time in the fresh air, teaching the normal educational curriculum using the natural environment. They believe outdoor education makes children stronger and tougher, but also more creative, flexible and independent.  

This film visits a kindergarten deep in the Arctic Circle to find out what outdoor education means for children, teachers and parents.
Monday 29 June, 10.30pm, Tuesday 30 June, 4pm (F) and 8pm, Sunday 5 July, 8pm

Starting School in Norway (web tbc)
Marion is five years old. She lives with her parents and little brother Markus. She is about to start school and is very excited. Will she manage to make friends and learn to read and write? The film follows Marion and her class through their first half-year at school.
Thursday 2 July, 4pm (F) and 8pm, Friday 3 July, 9.30pm, Saturday 4 July, 7pm

Other programme highlights premiering on Teachers TV this week

Je Suis un Rockstar - France (web tbc)
French speaking Ella is charged with setting up The Wombats' festival gig in Arras near Lille. Let's hope she can live up to the band's expectations on this ultimate music industry work placement.Tuesday 30 June, 9pm, Wednesday 1 July, 10pm, Friday 3 July, 4pm (F) and 10pm, Saturday 4 July, 10pm, Sunday 5 July, 9pm

Improving Secondary Attendance – Inner City Success 
In 2001 Stepney Green School in Tower Hamlets was included in a list of the worst 30 schools in the country for truancy. This programme looks at how the school has worked on challenging a long-standing culture of poor attendance and how a wide variety of initiatives, including a mentoring scheme run by ex-students and a competition between forms to win a weekly prize, are helping it win its battle against poor attendance.
Friday 3 July, 5.15pm (F)