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Music Resources

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Animal carnival

This whiteboard lesson explores the music of Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens. It encourages pupils to use movement or drama to represent different animals as they create and perform their own version of Carnival of the Animals.  Can be used at key stage one for whole class teaching and small group work.

Published by: C2k

This whiteboard lesson explores the sounds made by different percussion instruments. It provides an opportunity for pupils to listen to and identify different sounds and to join in singing. The story of the Three Little Pigs is used as a stimulus for children to create and perform their own sound story. Can be used at foundation stage for whole class teaching and small group work.

Published by: C2k
Audio Network

The Audio Network Education Licence has been developed to provide Schools with world-class music recordings over the National Education Network and the UK's national education broadband networks.  It is hosted at London Grid for Learning and delivered to schools throughout the UK over the NEN.

Schools have FREE access to the same high-quality music resource that is used by professional film, television and media producers. Just right for ICT and digital video projects across the curriculum. Works for Primary, Secondary and FE. Ideal for vocational courses and developing a sense of the world of work.

The service enables the FREE download of Audio Network music files for use in school and college projects including ‘synchronisation’ use in audio-visual productions together with general guidance on music copyright.

Summary of benefits

Ease of use: digital and on-line over the education broadband networks. Standard file type.
Free: school and connected college users do not have to pay.
Choice: huge range of types of music.
Quality: industry quality recordings.
Clean: no viruses...non pop-up advertising.
Legal: all rights cleared for education use in school/college.
Creative Licence: resources can be used creatively.
Restrictions: can’t be distributed or performed outside school/college or on the WWW without additional licences...but...
Additional licences: provide a one-step process for public performance/distribution.
Curriculum relevance: meets the needs of e-learning and 'Harnessing the Technology' and supports many areas of the curriculum in Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education.
Examinations: meets requriements of examinations and the new generation of e-assessment.
World of work: uses industry procedures and supports of vocational courses.





Published by: NEN
Audio Network in the Classroom

Teachers from all Key Stages in Hounslow schools have developed a series of exemplar lessons on using Audio Network across the curriculum - not only Music but also Literacy, Personal and Social Education and ICT, as well as looking at the use of AN files for classroom and behaviour management.

Videos, worksheets and lots of good creative ideas

Published by: LGFL
Beamish Collections

Beamish Museum online is a source of classroom activity packs, online museum collections: images, video, and audio. You can also find out about educational activities on site at the museum.

Published by: Northern Grid
This site was produced for the City of London Festival’s 2007 commemoration of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act and celebrates the extraordinary achievements of George Bridgetower, a Polish-born black Londoner.
The site and resource pack takes a close look at George Bridgetower and his relationship with Beethoven. It also examines other artists, writers and musicians who were working at the same time as Bridgetower, with a special focus on their relationship to the anti-slavery movement.

This website provides many supporting materials, including all activity-related music and video clips, copies of images and worksheets. There is also an interview with Julian Joseph, who composed the jazz opera, Bridgetower - A Fable of 1807, with libretto by Mike Phillips, for City of London Festival's bicentennial commemoration of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, and toured by English Touring Opera
Published by: LGFL
Carnabhal na nAinmhithe

Sa cheacht seo ar chlár bán déantar fiosrú ar an cheol i gCarnabhal na nAinmhithe le Saint-Saens. Spreagtar páistí gluaiseacht nó drámaíocht a úsáid chun a leagan féin de Charnabhal na nAinmhithe a chumadh agus a chur i láthair. Is féidir an ceacht seo a úsáid in Eochairchéim a hAon do theagasc ranga uile nó grúpaí beaga.

Published by: C2k
Ceacht Ceoil don Bhonnchéim

Sa cheacht seo ar chlár bán déantar fiosrú ar na fuaimeanna a dhéanann cnaguirlisí éagsúla. Tugtar deis do pháistí éisteacht leis na fuaimeanna éagsúla, iad a aithint agus a ainmniú agus canadh leo. Baintear úsáid as scéal Na Trí Mhuc Bheaga chun páistí a spreagadh chun fuaimscéal dá gcuid féin a chumadh agus a chur i láthair. Is féidir an ceacht a úsáid ag an Bhonnchéim do theagasc ranga uile nó grúpaí beaga. 

Published by: C2k
FARNE - Folk Archive Resource North East

Resources produced by Northern Grid to support the Folk Archive Resource North East music archive.

Published by: Northern Grid
Films for Learning

Films for Learning is a resource for extending and developing film making, supporting children as they reflect on the activity, the filming and their learning. Pupils can comment on each others films and exchange ideas in the forum area. There are teacher support materials and high quality examples of films from learners.

Films for Learning is a project led and moderated by Mark Richardson and Peter Roe from the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester. The project is supported by Microsoft and it is entirely advert free. It scores highly for e-safety. Mark and Peter also very keen that students are taught the importance of copyright and they give support to those who have added copyrighted commercial music sound tracks. Sign up and join the community.

Search and browse the excellent examples including a student's clip on how to upload. Films for Learning is an excellent way for all teachers and learners develop their curriculum ideas with film making.

Published by: SWGFL

FlashMeeting is an application based on the Adobe Flash 'plug in' and Flash Media Server. Running in a standard web browser window, it allows a dispersed group of people to meet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Typically a meeting is pre-booked by a registered user and a url, containing a unique password for the meeting, is returned by the FlashMeeting server. The 'booker' passes this on to the people they wish to participate, who simply click on the link to enter into the meeting at the arranged time.

During the meeting one person speaks (i.e. broadcasts) at a time. Other people can simultaneously contribute using text chat, the whiteboard, or emoticons etc. while waiting for their turn to speak. This way the meeting is ordered, controlled and easy to follow. A replay of the meeting is instantly available, to those with the 'unique' replay url.

FlashMeeting users belong to one of three account types; Guest, Sign In and Booker.

Published by: E2BN
Gaelic On-line Gàidhlig Air-loidhne

Gàidhlig Air-loidhne is a website for Gaelic teachers. Because it is aimed at the Gaelic community, there is no English version of the site. However, we recognise that non-Gaelic-speaking Head Teachers and others have an interest in Gaelic education. Therefore, a section of the site provides summaries of the main site and a small selection of dedicated pages designed for those people who are connected to Gaelic education but do not have a strong command of the language.

Published by: Glow
Learn Listening Online

An interactive resource for teachers and students of National Qualifications in Music to improve their knowledge and listening skills. The resource has a range of examples from baroque, classical vocal and instrumental music through to twentieth century jazz and world music. The website also has an extensive audio dictionary of musical terms

Published by: Glow
Learning about Learning

Helping young people to become successful learners is one of the key aims of Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.

Our knowledge about learning is continually changing in the light of research and there is still much that we do not know. This site provides an overview of current thinking on how people learn. 

Published by: Glow
Mini Apps

Mini applications produced by Northern Grid in response to requests from teachers.

Published by: Northern Grid
Morecambe and Back

Morecambe and Back...
contains all the Mitchell and Kenyon footage shot in Morecambe in 1902.

Two of the film clips, the exterior of the Winter Gardens and the congregation leaving the Parish Church are also available as ‘then and now’ parallel videos.

Another ‘raw’ resource is an online comparison of the front and back pages from1903 and 2008 editions of the ‘Morecambe Visitor’ newspaper.

The module also records the spectacular way Morecambe Bay Community Primary School used the footage as the base for a term-long cross-curricular theme covering; Music, Dance, Drama, History, Art, Geography and Speaking and Listening.

The project was supported by the British Film Institute, Lancashire Sinfonietta, Ludus Dance and the Lancashire Public Records office.

Published by: CLEO
NEN Gallery

A collection of high quality images, sound and video files that can be repurposed by teachers and students. All materials can be used for educational, not for profit activities.

Registered users can also upload images, sound and video files to the Gallery for use by other members of the educational community.

Published by: E2BN
On Line On Track

OLOT is resources to support excluded 13-17 year olds from various ethnic backgrounds.

The OLOT website brings a wide range of dynamic learning resources appropriate to the needs of the age group, with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and music. It was developed by 3T in collaboration with the London Grid for Learning

Published by: LGFL
Royalty-free Illustrations and Photographs

These illustrations and photographs are free for any kind of educational use - whether you are a teacher creating topic worksheets or looking for ideas to spark creative writing, or a pupil who needs illustrations for a presentation or website.

You can download them, print them off or use them online.



A mixture of drawings, photos and images of the world around us. The collection includes pictures of seasons, landscapes and natural habitats. Other images concentrate on man-made environments including buildings and famous landmarks.


Animals and birds

Animals are always a winner! We have images (including some photos) of wild animals and birds from Britain and abroad, pets, farm animals, dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures and minibeasts.



A wide variety of images of people, from illustrations of babies, children's faces showing different emotions and people working in a variety of jobs, to anatomical drawings of the human body and fine art portraits. 



Many coloured and black and white illustrations of people in the past - Egyptians, Celts, Picts, Vikings, Greeks, Romans and medieval Scots as well as scenes from the two World Wars. Also have a look at the visual primary sources, such as 19th-century photos, medieval manuscripts, and portraits since 1780.


Art, music and literature

Great images of Scottish fine art from the Royal Scottish Academy and illustrations of musical instruments are available to download here, as well as information on how to use pictures and text from a beautiful medieval manuscript.


Leisure time

Activities and items for leisure - from musical instruments to cultural events, children interacting, photos of foreign holidays and paintings of holiday-makers in earlier times.


The prehistoric world

Scenes, people and animals from the prehistoric world including crannogs, standing stones, woolly mammoths and sabre-toothed cats.


Food and drink

Illustrations, photos and paintings of food and drink - some healthy and some not so healthy! Plus photos of restaurants and pictures of birthday cakes.


Language and numbers

Resources for helping pupils to develop language and number skills, including modern foreign languages. The images include colourful pictures of numbers, safety signs, notices for the classroom and photos from continental Europe which feature signs and notices in French and German.



Coloured and black and white illustrations of clothes, including children's shoes, different outfits for different types of weather and working clothes and uniforms such as those worn by police officers and firefighters. 



Photos and drawings of different types of transport, from around the world. Fancy taking the camel to school?



Ensure the digital natives are up to speed with today's technology from video cameras to tablet PCs, with these coloured and outline illustrations of gadgets and equipment.

Published by: Glow
Study Skills

Activities for becoming an effective learner and managing your own learning. The site is divided into three age groups: 5-9, 10-14 and 15-18-year-olds; and four headings - Get, Understand, Remember and Do. Includes notes for teachers, parents/carers and students.

Published by: Glow

Imagine a search engine designed for KS2 children… What would it look like? It would be easy to use, allow safe internet searches and filter inappropriate results to give KS2 relevant, child-friendly online resources, helping children to find valuable sites with an appropriate educational focus. It would also ensure that children don’t interpret the search as ‘boring’ or ‘restrictive’. It becomes in short an ideal place from which children can explore the web.

Published by: SWGFL
Virtual African Drumming

The Virtual African Drumming resource allows pupils and students across key stages 2, 3 and 4, to explore and participate in the exciting music of the Ewe people from Ghana. As they develop rhythmic material, learners listen, play and evaluate, using ICT to capture, change and combine the sounds. The class can work together or in smaller groups and combine the sections to perform and evaluate. It gives support with background information and quizzes on the Ewe culture and their drums, including the Kidi and the Atsimevu. The link with dance is made and the resource makes good use of a video of dancers.

Produced by the Wells Cathedral School, the producers of the Virtual Javanese Gamalan. This resource can be downloaded from the link.

Published by: SWGFL
Virtual Javanese Gamelan

Enter the mesmerising world of the Javanese Gamelan, which is available for immediate download. Through a 'virtual' environment, acccess a full course of study on the Lancaran.

Published by: SWGFL

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